CareKIT Pro

endosys carekit pro
CareKIT Pro
CareKIT Pro-

Total Customization with cavities as per the customer

The CareKIT™ System has been sized to fit and can be wrapped in either reusable or disposable CSR wraps.

Assembling of Trays & Sterilization

All CareKIT™ trays, lids, Easy-Hold Silicon holders, Instrument holding racks and silicone finger mats should be inspected decontamination.

CareKIT Plus


  • CareKIT Plus-Total Customization with Silicon holders as per the customer
  • All visible soil and debris has to be removed — Always check around the attached bracket.
  • Once cleaned, prepared and packaged, the CareKIT trays are ready to be sterilized. The system is made to withstand repeated exposure to steam, Ethylene oxide, and cold sterilizing solutions.
  • When preparing trays it is important to remember that the sterilant must be able to contact the instrument, so there must be space between the instrument and any holding device, especially the slotted silicone instrument holders.
endosys carekit plus
CareKIT Plus

CareKIT Lite

endosys carekit lite
CareKIT Lite

CareKIT Lite-

Total Self Customization with General Holders

Inner Trays

The Inner trays may be used separately with a lid, or may be combined with the base tray in a variety of configurations. Normally, a base tray unit is used in combination with any of the inner trays, or the metal instrument holding rack, to create layers that will organize and protect the instruments in each set.

Illustration of Lids

Latched lids are provided in both flat and extended designs. They are available for the base unit and the inner trays.

  • CareKIT Plus-Total Customization with Silicon holders as per the customer

  • CareKIT Seal


    • CareKIT Seal-Totally Sealed Trays For Reuse Of Instruments.
    • Delicate and Expensive Instruments needs additional care to save revenue on repurchase and repair. The CareKITTM instrument protection system is designed to hold and protect instruments during sterilization, storage and transportation.
    • Choose from the broadest line of trays and combine with plug-in Easy-HoldTM instrument holders and silicone cushion mats to design a custom tray for each procedure.
    • CareKITTM trays are made of lightweight, durable materials that are heat and chemically resistant and compatible with steam, ETO and gas-plasma sterilization.
    endosys carekit seal
    CareKIT Seal