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Catalogue 2019
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Catalogue 2019
Catalogue 2019
CareKlT Lite Autoclavable Plastic
  • Endosys CareKlT Instrument Sterilization trays may be customized to adapt to a widevariety of individualized configurations.
  • Delicate and well crafted metal instruments coming in to contact with the edges or surface of the CareKlT gets protected and it is totally safe when compared to the sterilization of metal instruments in a metal container.
  • Polymer trays are light weight and easy to handle during sterilization and use. CareKlT has the option of transparent lids so that the instruments can be seen from outside and different procedure trays can be identified quickly.
  • No rust formation and No bacterial growth in the polymer trays ensures a very safe and infection free environment for the implements and quality procedure can be conducted in the Operation theatre.
Catalogue 2019
Catalogue 2019
CareKlT Plus Autoclavable Plastic
Sterlization Tray with holders
  • Single / Double-layer tray for compact storage and sterilization of a variety of instruments.
  • Durable MedPolyTM plastic lid and trays.
  • Soft silicone strips inside to securely hold delicate instruments.
  • Strips accommodate variable instrument diameters and lengths.
  • A removable silicon mat supports small bridges, stopcocks, and seals.
  • Safeguard instruments while transporting, sterilizing and storing.
  • Trays can be customised as per the procedures by changing the Easy-Hold silicon strips.
Catalogue 2019
Catalogue 2019
CareKlT Pro Customised Cavity trays
  • Custom trays are specially made for the customers adhering to their needs of design.
  • Designing of these trays are done in consultation with the customer to arrive at an optimized design for the placement of various instruments and implants so that it gives an ease of handling for the end users.
  • Custom trays are mainly preferred by the Surgical and Medical Instruments manufacturer to give a good presentation of their products to their customers.
  • Professional way of sterilizations avoids complaint from the user end by having a customised trays. It gives value addition and brand promotion.
Catalogue 2019
Catalogue 2019
CareKlT Hybrid Anodised Hybrid Aluminium Trays
  • LIGHT WEIGHT - Innovative Hybrid trays addresses the issue of Heavy metal trays which gives lower back pain to the handlers.
  • PROTECTION-Silicon mats protect your micro instruments avoiding contact with surface.
  • EASY HOLD - Silicon holders Easy-HoldTM can be inserted in to the slots provided and can be customized in a very simple and quick way.
  • GO GREEN- Due to the usage of polymer hybrid trays , hospital saves on electricity as the hybrid trays doenst absorbs heat. As the polymers are non-conductors of heat, it contributes to the green environment due to low consumption of electricity.
  • BIOCOMPATIBLE-Manufactured using Medical grade polymer and henceforth, totally biocompatible and is manufactured under OSHA guidelines.
  • Compatible with Steam, ETO and Plasma Sterilization, Light Weight, Chemical & Thermal Resistant
Catalogue 2019
Catalogue 2019
SoakKlT Disinfection Tray
  • A molded basin/cover designed specifically for Endoscopic Instruments.
  • High grade plastic trays are compatible with all types of disinfectants.
  • Inert to all types of chemicals and safe for longer durations of soaking.
  • Accommodates all types of rigid and semi-rigid instruments.
  • Light weight construct enables shifting inside the OR at ease.
  • Double Compartment SoakKlT accommodate saline and disinfectant in the single tray and thus avoids spillage of liquids and slippage of instruments.
Catalogue 2019
CarryKlT Transportable Storage Case
  • High impact thermo plastic cells along with custom moulded inserts.
  • Custom interiors foam padding is available as a removable pre-diced layers of foam.
  • A more rigid plush divider system is also available.
  • Ultra violet and ozone stabilized.
  • Exact fit with a custom moulded inserts helps prevent slippage of contents inside.
  • Long lasting and weather resistant.
  • Light weight packaging for both shipping and storage.
  • Non metal construction will not dent, corrode, or conduct electricity.
Catalogue 2019
Catalogue 2019
SurgiPEN Sterile Surgical Marker & Ruler
  • Surgical Marker, Gentian violet and Methylene blue dye, regular and fine tip, sterile, disposable, packed with 6 inch ruler.
  • The marker's gentian violet and methylene blue ink is non-toxic, non-tattooing, and surgical prep-resistant.
  • Marker's non-abrasive tip minimizes tissue trauma.
  • A separate flexible ruler in the Marker kit is designed to conform to the patient's skin for easier, more precise marking.
  • Ruler is calibrated in both inches and centimeters.
  • Single use is recommended for best results.
Catalogue 2019
BipoZYME Multiple Enzyme Instrument and Equipment Cleaner
  • Endosys BipoZYME Multiple Enzyme Detergent is designed to provide one-step cleaning of delicate fiber-optic equipment, such as endoscopes and cystoscopes, as well as other surgical instruments, including those used for orthopedic, bariatric, cardiovascular and general surgery.
  • BipoZYME is designed to be used on instrumentation immediately following the surgical procedure to break down soils associated with blood, fats and bone.
  • Multiple Enzyme Detergent minimizes instrument handling, thus reducing exposure to most organic contaminants. it ensures the thorough and complete cleaning Of equipment and instruments, a prerequisite to the completion of the decontamination process,
  • BipoZYME is a liquid enzymatic detergent, and hence disperses instantly and completely without mixing. It is easy to use and dissolves much more quickly than powders.
  • BipoZYME Multiple Enzyme Detergent contains four enzymes-Protease that breaks down proteins, Amylase that breaks down carbohydrates, Lipase breaks down lipids or fats, and Cellulase that targets cellulose fibers.
Catalogue 2019
LubeSYS Instrument Lubricant Concentrate
  • Milky White emulsion / Mild oleic odour.
  • Anti Microbial, Water soluble, Non-silicon Base, Anti-corrosive Lubricant.
  • Steam and ETO permeable, compatible to high impingement washing equipment.
  • Lubesys contains a preservative to minimize bacterial growth in the Lubricant bath.
  • Lubesys penetrates deep into hinges and box locks to lubricate and prevent seizure.
  • Lubesys will minimize rusting, staining and spotting during autoclaving and storage.
Catalogue 2019
SafeHands Automatic Hand Sanitizer
  • Safe Hands is a germicidal product for hand sterilization Safe Hands acts against all nosocomial infection caused by viruses, bacteria and spores with a 99.999% total sterilization.
  • Supplied with dispensing bottle & Ultra fine spray pump for uniform disinfection coverage.
  • Semi Transparent unit cover ensure liquid level visibility.
  • Safety switch deactivates the unit if main cover is opened.
  • Volume of Liquid dispensed each time can be adjusted between 2 to 6 ml.
  • Total volume of Container - 2100ml.
  • Dimensions : L-320mm D-130mm. Product weight : 2.36 Kg (excluding packaging, accessories, and bottle Power source : Dc 6v(1.5v each) Alkaline Batteries, battery life : 3-6 Month Surgical hand scrubbing for OTs, ICUs, Clinics & Patients wards Sterile manufacturing areas of Pharma & medical devices
Catalogue 2019
BipoWASH Automatic Washer Disinfector
  • Endosys BipoWASH Washer-Disinfector is configured for General Speciality surgical Instruments and is an ideal set up for Surgery Centers or Clinic based practices looking to Automate their instrument reprocessing.
  • High throughput circulation pump provides thorough washing action at a low spray pressure for gentle yet powerful cleaning.
  • Built-in water softener helps to provide the best cleaning results in areas with hard water.
  • Automatic indication of error conditions assures reliable cleaning and disinfection results.
  • If temperature is not met, detergent is not dispensed, the pump is not functioning, or water is not filing or draining, the washer will indicate an error rather than complete the cycle.
  • Final rinsing with Dl or RO water for best cleaning results (pure water system not included).
  • Quiet performance — washer is rated at 53 dBA for minimal workplace distraction.
  • Door automatically locks when cycle begins for safety of personnel and assurance of reliable cleaning process.
  • Water-proof system — shuts the water off in the event of a leak.
Catalogue 2019
STERMAN ETO Fully Automatic Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer
  • PureETO-the EO gas sterilizer uses 100% pure Ethylene Oxide Ergonomic and intuitive touch screen. PureETO offers new generation 10" color touch screens with high resolution and user-friendly operation.
  • Software controlled dexterous door locking allows operator to release door using the touch screen panel only when it is safe to do so.
  • The cartridge is punctured upon, the locking of sterilizer door completely and the vacuum, temperature and humidity levels reach preprogramed parameters.
  • eServer lets you transfer each cycle information and history data directly from CSSD room to a PC in the Clinic via Ethernet.
  • The Wi-Fi module lets users transmit cycle data and current cycle status to a computer, tablet or smartphone, thus providing completely secure remote monitoring.
  • PureETO comes with an integrated printer.
  • Compressor not required to avoid tedious maintenance because unhealthy compressed air may damage performance of equipment and hence oil free system.
  • Optional accessories include sealing machine, steribagst chemical and biological indicator lables.
Catalogue 2019
Catalogue 2019
STERMAN Plasma Fully Automatic Plasma Sterilizer
  • STERMAN Plasma sterilizer use hydrogen peroxide (H202) as a sterilant to sterilize precise medical devices and instruments which may be changed their properties and appearances under high temperature and pressure.
  • Hydrogen peroxide is a non — toxic, powerful oxidizing agent that decomposes in to water and oxygen. The benefit of hydrogen peroxide is environment friendly. It does not leave harmful residues after plasma phase to the environment and human bodies. Also it has great advantages in sterilizing performance that can destroy a wide range of pathogens.
  • New generation 10" color touch screen with high resolution and user-friendly operation. Operator can use the sterilizer with Ergonomic touch screen and monitor the entire sterilization cycle in real time.
  • Increases the turnover rate of the high priced delicate medical devices and instruments in the hospital.
  • Software Controlled Dexterous Door Locking allows operator to release door using the touch screen panel only when it is safe to do so with safety features.
  • Plasma Chamber RF generator produce Plasma in chamber on time with specific fiquency.
  • Printing units comes with an integrated thermal printer.
  • e'Remote allows to view and monitor the same screen shown on the HMI and control the Cycle process via Wifi.
  • Sterilant Injection System contains Hydrogen Peroxide (57—59%) in vial, easy to fix in specific sterilant window at left hand side body of . Each vial having enough sterilant for any one cycle. Every cycle needs new sterilant vial.
Catalogue 2019
STERMAN Autoclave Fully Automatic Steam Sterilizer
  • The New Steam Generator and high performance Double-Head Vacuum Pump ensure extremely fast cycle execution and stability of process parameters.
  • High sterilization quality, Short sterilization cycles i.e., in 15 minutes (without drying)
  • Compact solution with integrated fresh water and waste water tank.
  • Simple one touch operation. Easy handling minimizes operator errors.
  • New Automatic Door Locking Mechanism ensures safety and simplicity of use.
  • eServer allows to transfer each cycle information and history data directly from CSSD room to a PC in the Clinic via Ethernet.
  • eRemote lets you view and monitor the same screen shown on the Trueklav HMI and control the Cycle process via Wifi.
  • The Wi-Fi module lets users transmit cycle data and current cycle status to a computer, tablet or smartphone, thus providing completely secure remote monitoring.
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